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Roland Wolfgang Oehme Landscape Design is a Priceless Piece of Art

You are invited to own a beautiful and distinct Roland Oehme landscape, like owning a unique piece of art.

“When I view the Sculpture Garden from the 12th floor, it appears as a Van Gogh painting, so vibrantly alive with dramatic colors and sweeping textures.” –Harper House Condo Resident



What Is Regenerative Design?
Like a symphony, regenerative design emulates nature in a way that creates a unified, harmonious blend of natural elements that transform landscapes into vibrant, energetic, diverse, and life-enhancing outdoor spaces. Unlike sustainable design which simply sustains what is already there, regenerative design restores and renews your garden in a “whole systems” way by using its own sources of energy and materials to create a lush, healthy outdoor environment that requires less maintenance. When a garden or landscape is functioning regeneratively, it is functioning just as nature intended -- where life is continuously being created and revitalized, waste free.


Healthy Garden. Healthy You
A walk in a regenerative garden is like walking in a natural forest or meadow. It engages all of your senses with beautiful sights, sounds, scents, tastes, and sensations, allowing you to naturally let go of the stresses of daily life. So when you regenerate your garden, you regenerate yourself. Body, mind, and spirit.


How We Do What We Do
With great care, we choose primarily natural materials like natural and local stone. We design paving that allows the rainwater to infiltrate into the ground, and rain gardens and bioswales to capture and slow down stormwater runoff. We use native plants that are beautiful and strong to feed and provide habitat for the local wildlife like bees, butterflies, hummingbirds, and songbirds.

For instance, by planting Milkweed, we help increase Monarch butterfly populations and provide opportunities for viewing the lifecycle of these majestic butterflies. By adding the element of water to your garden, we not only provide beautiful sights and sounds for your own pleasure, but also water and habitat for wildlife.

Some of the types of designs that we are capable of doing include residential, commercial, educational, institutional, rain gardens, roof gardens, green walls, bioswales, greenways, green streets, rainwater harvesting and reuse, erosion control, brownfield phytoremediation, wildlife corridors and linkages, habitat conservation and restoration, endangered species recovery. We are open to any project that is green or regenerative focused and where quality is important.

Reducing. Rebuilding. Restoring

As a regenerative design company, we know that when you reduce something in your garden, it can create something greater. Take lawns for example. Typically, they use most of the resources in your gardens like water and energy, they contribute to stormwater runoff and provide no

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