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Encourage Wildlife in Your Garden


Wildlife needs our help since they are being wiped out by our zeal for development. We can help wildlife by creating a wildlife habitat in our home gardens and landscapes. Steps we can take to attract wildlife to our garden include, installing a water source such as a pond, water fountain, and water bath, creating and planting new garden beds, installing native plants, removing lawn, providing shelter with birdhouses, evergreen shrubs and trees, and brush piles, and installing native plants that provide food for wildlife like nectar, berries, nuts, and seeds. Wildlife that may be attracted through these efforts include songbirds, small mammals like squirrels and chipmunks, and insects like bees and butterflies. All of these animals need us to step up and create safe, wildlife friendly spaces since much of their habitat has been removed or altered. For instance, our native wild bees and butterflies are declining at an alarming rate due to habitat loss and the widespread use of toxic chemicals sprayed on GMO crops. These are new chemicals that kill insects indiscriminately. By taking these steps, you will create a beautiful and peaceful garden that attracts a wide diversity of wildlife and provide yourself with a place to rest and recharge.


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